Key Cities Conservation Club 

The purpose of this corporation is: To create a fraternal spirit among sportsmen and sportswomen, harmonize their interests, unify their action, and solidify them into an association working toward definite ends; specifically the propagation and conservation of game and fish and the equitable harvesting of the surplus, and to plan and carry out projects to create an abundance of wildlife, to hold events with an emphasis on education for adults and children in shooting, archery, angling, casting, conservation and such other activities as the board of directors may deem proper, obedience for the game and fish laws of this state and the United States.

"It sure is a  nice club. we met several members and we couldn't ask for a nicer bunch" New members Pam and Roger Barnlund

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As Per bylaws:

Nominations for officers and directors shall be made by ballot 30 days before the annual meeting. A nomination ballot and a list of offices eligible for election will be published in the Club newsletter or on the Club website 60 days before the annual meeting. Nomination ballots must be returned 30 days before the annual meeting.

Below you will find all Board members who are up for reelection.

President: Vicki Peterson

Treasurer : Dave Ramsden


Len Braun

Brian Hughes

Ed May

Brad Nieman

Steve Peterson

Ross Hielman

Chris Elsing

Steve Oothoudt

Please return all nominations to


Organized trap shooting will no longer be held Wednesday afternoons or Sundays until next spring.

Carry Classes

Carry Classes are being offered by River Valley Training at the club. Please contact Rick Bruels at for more information. Times and dates have been posted on the KCCC website calendar.

Firearms Safety Class

Firearm Safety Classes are no longer available until next year. Please contact Cory Sawyer next spring for additional information. 507-995-5891 or


Wildlife at the Club (picture by J. Hansen)


Upcoming Meetings

Upcoming events

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